Buyers’ Guides

To make ethical shopping as easy as possible, Ethical Living magazine provides easy to understand buyers’ guides for a range of everyday products. The buyers’ guides are in-depth analyses of the markets and products being dealt with and include all the information a conscious shopper needs to make an informed and ethical purchase.

An important part of the buyers’ guides are Ethical Living’s rating tables that show, at a glance, which companies own which brands and in what areas they have been criticised. Companies with the highest ratings are at the top of the tables.

Within the guides, Ethical Living includes the brands that have the majority of the market share, as well as ethical alternatives. However, there is not space to include every brand on the market.

As company behaviour is constantly changing, we update our tables on a regular basis. To read the comprehensive buyers’ guides monthly, please subscribe to Ethical Living by going to our Subscription Page.


Ethical Living Buyers’ Guide tables by category:

Baby Food


Cat Food




Dental Floss

Disposable Nappies

Dog Food


Potato Chips

Soap Bars



Vitamin C

Washing Detergents

Washing Machines

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