Has Eskom Resorted To Spying On NGOs?

Earlier this week it emerged that Eskom seems to have been spying on unions, employees, and environmental groups, including Greenpeace Africa, Earthlife Africa, and GroundWork.

Business Times claims to have received numerous documents that point to Eskom having contracted a special services company to gather information on these different stakeholders.

Last week Greenpeace jointly sent a letter to Eskom CEO Brian Dames, signed by the directors of Earthlife Africa, Groundwork, and Greenpeace Africa (Letter: click here).

In the letter Greenpeace asked Dames to confirm whether spying has in fact taken place, and what information was gathered. If Eskom has been involved in such activities, the NGOs have asked for a public apology on Eskom’s website, and to provide them with any reports where these organisations are mentioned.

Dames has until 8 February to respond to the letter. Failing that further steps will be taken, including the possibility of withdrawing from Eskom’s NGO forum.

All three organisations take this matter very seriously, and believe that it would be completely unethical for Eskom to be engaged in the act of spying on the citizens of this country. The work of civil society is core to the health of South Africa’s democracy, and something like spying would completely undermine that function.

Source: www.greenpeace.org/africa/en/News/news/Has-Eskom-Resorted-to-Spying

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